About me

I allways have been fascinated by body(awareness) and the interaction between body and mind. In the past I worked as a Dutch teacher. During that time, as a hobby, I was very much involved in all kinds of physical excercises, such as aikido, different kinds of dance, Tibetan yoga, feldenkrais. After I was introduced in the art of massage, I found it a source of well doing and a beautifull tool for creating more consciousness and relaxation. I knew I would derive a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from massaging others and so I decided to follow an education in this field. 

From 1 September 2011 I started at the academie for massage&movement. In July 2013 I got my certificate as masseuse. In november 2015 I graduated as a massagetherapist.  

As a masseur I enjoy and I am amazed about the wisdom of the body!

 People come to me to have a complete relaxationexperience, to live more in their body,  for a physical or somatical problem. I use different techniques: deep tissue massage, classical massage, effleurage, joint movement, stretching, trager massage, physical excercises and posture advice. 

A massage can also be a usefull tool for mindfulness. It can make the client more consious about his body and mind. With a mindfull massage there is a dialogue between the masseur and client. The client is during the massage alert in a relaxing way. 

As a masseur I enjoy and I am amazed about the wisdom of the body!

I hope to see you soon for a nice experience!