One hour €65,=
One and a half hour €85,=

At your place:
one hour €85,=
one and a half hour  €100,=

5 to go card:
With a '5 to go card' you save yourself 20 euro. This card is one year valid from date of acquisition.  

gift coupon: 
It is wonderfull to receive a massage! So why not suprising somene with a gift coupon?  
There are gift coupons for 40 euro (60 minutes) or for 50 euro (90 minutes)
The gift coupon stays from date of acquisition one year valid.

I love to massage on (yoga)retreats. For rates and information you can contact me.  



The office is located at: 
Praktijk Ontspanning-en-Rust|
KNSM-laan 632
1019 LR Amsterdam 

Public transport
bus 48 and tram 26 (10 minutes from Central Station) 
tram 10 (10 minutes from Leidseplein)